Resources & Services

Student Handbook

This handbook is a handy reference manual that will help you acquire learning, organizational and written skills and thereby improve your academic performance and enhance your experience at York. In this guide you will find an index of campus services. We have also included step-by-step directions to help you access the accommodations you may require in order to succeed in your exciting university endeavour.

Peer Mentoring

The PSMDS Peer Mentoring Program is designed to assist first-year students with the transition to University. Students with disabilities are matched with a mentor who will assist them in transitioning to university life.


Students, staff and faculty may utilize the following through PSMDS:

  • access to TTY.
  • photocopier for note takers to copy notes; and
  • spare wheelchair (for emergency use only);

Technical Equipment

Students registered with PSMDS have access to two assistive technology labs at York University.


To learn about accessible housing on campus for students with physical, sensory and medical disabilities, you are encouraged to contact PSMDS once you have accepted your offer of admission to York University. All applications for accessible housing will be considered by York University Student Housing Services and Physical, Sensory and Medical Disability Services.


For accessible / medical parking, please apply directly to Parking Services. The Parking Services office is located in the William Small Centre.  The enquiries phone number is 416-736-5335 and their email address is