Social and Academic Mentorship

The mentorship program is facilitated by Community Practicum Students in the Faculty of Education at YORK UNIVERSITY. They are supervised by staff members working in Physical, Sensory and Medical Disability Services. This program will provide you with an opportunity to connect to peers who will provide encouragement and support while you pursue your degree. The goals of the program are to assist you in your transition to university life or to simply offer you a helping hand during times of need.

Program Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the Mentorship Program you must:

  • Be registered with Disability Services
  • Commit to participating in the program for at least one semester
  • Be currently enrolled in courses at York University
  • Complete and return the online application form.

Who are the mentors?

Your mentors are York University students in the Bachelor of Education. They will volunteer their time to help you gain the tools to engage in the York community and to thrive academically.

Benefits of being mentored

  • Provides an opportunity to develop new skills and expertise.
  • It is a chance to socialize and make friends.
  • Encourages you to set and work towards your academic goals
  • Helps you to identify your strengths an areas you need to develop
  • Provides support during times of change and transition.